Cremation Choices

Cremation offers many services, selections, and personalization options for creating the right memorial and tribute for your loved one.

Tribute, Memorial, and Ceremony Choices

You may desire a funeral or memorial service at your funeral professional's location or a place of worship before or after cremation.

Musical selections, speakers, keepsake videos, photo boards, and a memory table all add meaning to the ceremony.

Gathering or Visitation

You may decide to hold a formal or informal gathering or visitation at your funeral professional's location or another location to memorialize your loved one. This allows friends and relatives to come together and support surviving family members.

A memory table with pictures and mementos of your loved one highlights treasured thoughts and memories.

You may also choose to have a viewing. In this event, you want to select a suitable casket or container.

Many people do not realize all the choices they have available to them when choosing cremation as their final disposition. And while cremation provides flexibility in choosing a location for the placement of cremated human remains, this decision should involve both your feelings today and the implications of your decision on your family's future generations.

Talk to your funeral professional about creating a meaningful memorial service for you or your loved one.