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Placement Choices for Final Disposition

Cremation provides the flexibility in choosing the placement of the cremated remains. While this is a personal decision based on your preferences and the wishes of your loved one, you should consider the impact of your decision on future generations.

Burial - Permanent Choice

Burying an urn in a cemetery has become a favored choice for families since it provides a permanent resting place where families and friends can freely visit.

Niche - Long-term Choice

Some families place the urn in a columbarium niche, providing a location where they can pay their respects.

Home - Short-term Choice

While displaying an urn at home is an option, some families express concerns about the long-term custody of the remains.

Scattering - Irreversible Choice

Since scattering cannot be reversed, you may wish to scatter only a portion of the cremated remains and keep the rest for permanent placement.